Brené Brown Workshops


BraverYou offers a variety of workshops based on the methodology of The Daring Way™ by Dr Brené Brown.

Our workshops offer you the chance to enrich your personal development in a small intimate group setting where we foster safety, trust and personal connection.

They are designed to offer hands on skills and tools to help you make the self-appointed change you seek all at your own pace.

Our aim is to provide a learning environment that is warm and friendly where you feel valued, heard and supported.

8 WEEK WORKSHOPS: The Daring Way™ or Rising Strong.

Weekly 3-hour personal development sessions covering the Daring Way™ or Rising Strong™ programmes. These workshops allow for personal reflection and integration of topics week to week and are limited to 8-10 attendees, allowing for a safe and more personal experience within a group setting.


Similar to the 8-week workshops, these are ideally suited for people who want to be in a closed group of your choosing. For example a group of work colleagues, a team, a family, friends or a community / support group.


BraverYou also offers these workshops on a one on one basis. Please contact me to chat about this option.


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THE Physics of shame resilience

for 'People Helping' Professionals

7th July 2017

This workshop is based on the methodology of Brene Brown and covers the topics of shame and shame resilience.

It aims to help uncover how shame impacts our desire for authentic and meaningful connection and how we can make new choices that see us move toward a place of worthiness and authenticity.

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Brené Brown Seminars


BraverYou offers half day of full day seminars based on the methodology of The Daring Way™ by Dr Brené Brown.

Seminars can be customised to suit your workplace requirements and group numbers. These offer you the chance to choose individual topics from The Daring Way™ and Rising Strong™ programme and format them in a way to suit your needs.


Half day or full day seminars that can be customised to suit your workplace requirements and group numbers.


These workshops cater for anyone working as a mental health practitioner or in a people helping profession.  They incorporate topics from both The Daring Way™ and Rising Strong. They offer new knowledge, language and skills associated with Brené’s work on shame, vulnerability, trust, wholehearted living and showing up and being seen. They are experiential workshops that incorporate psycho education and personal development.

Please Note: The Daring Way™curriculum may only be used with clients by Certified Daring Way™ Facilitators. This workshop is not part of the accreditation process.

Brené Brown & BraverYou Retreats


BraverYou offers woman’s retreats based on the methodology of The Daring Way™ by Dr Brené Brown.

These weekends are designed to offer personal development opportunities combined with the chance to get away from the everyday responsibilities of life. 

Our retreats are limited to smaller numbers to allow you more intimate personalised experience where you can focus purely on replenishment and sustainment of your sense of self.

Retreats are either 2 or 3-day programmes that incorporate the full programme of either The Daring Way™ or Rising Strong

A Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator runs all programmes and seminars. Please note these self-development services offer interactive psycho education and personal development but they are not a substitute for counselling or therapy.